Ekkozone appears in a variety of constellations ranging from quartet to large ensemble.


Lineup for 2018 Concerts

John Ehde (cello)
Karolina Leedo & Hélène Navasse (flute)
Viktor Vennesz (clarinet)
Oscar Micaelsson/Alexander McKenzie (piano)
Mathias Reumert/David Hildebrandt/Anders Kann Elten/Mathias Friis-Hansen/Mads Hebsgaard (percussion)
Andreas Holm (electronics)




- a few examples of our core repertoire, from 4 players and upwards


3 PERCUSSION + AMPLIFIED FLUTE: Louis Aguirre’s Orula (35 min.), George Crumb’s An Idyll for the Misbegotten.

3 PERCUSSION + PIANO + optionally 1 sax and/or 5 brass: Works by Xenakis, Karsten Fundal, Bent Sørensen, Poul Ruders, Simon Steen-Andersen.

4 PERCUSSION + 2 PIANO : Steve Reich's Sextet + works by Bartok, Berio, Donatoni, Cage, Crumb, David Lang, Kaija Saariaho etc.

3 PERCUSSION + VOICE, FLUTE, GUITAR, VIOLA: Boulez’ Le marteau sans maître

3 PERCUSSION + 3 PIANO + 3 HARP: Boulez’ Sur Incises.

9 PERCUSSION + 3 VOICE + FLUTE: Reich’s Drumming + Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ.

18 MUSICIANS: Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians (can be combined with Reich’s Double Sextet with the addition of 4 players, or with Boulez’ Sur Incises with the addition of 3 players).