Ekkozone appears in a variety of constellations ranging from quartet to large ensemble. The core players are:

Mathias Reumert (artistic leader, percussion, conductor)

David Hildebrandt, Lorenzo Colombo, Ying-Hsueh Chen, Kalle Hakosalo, Oliver Kragelund, Mads Hebsgaard (percussion)

Christina Bjørkøe, Oscar Micaelsson (piano)

Anna Melander, Karolina Leedo (flute)

Signe Asmussen (voice),  Johannes Søe Hansen (violin), Mika Persdotter (viola), John Ehde (cello), Alan Sjølin (guitar)



– a few examples of our core repertoire, from 4 players and upwards

 3 PERCUSSION + AMPLIFIED FLUTE: Louis Aguirre’s Orula (35 min.), George Crumb’s An Idyll for the Misbegotten.

3 PERCUSSION + PIANO + optionally 1 sax and/or 5 brass: Works by Xenakis, Karsten Fundal, Bent Sørensen, Poul Ruders, Simon Steen-Andersen.

4 PERCUSSION + 2 PIANO : Steve Reich’s Sextet + works by Bartok, Berio, Donatoni, Cage, Crumb, David Lang, Kaija Saariaho etc.

3 PERCUSSION + VOICE, FLUTE, GUITAR, VIOLA: Boulez’ Le marteau sans maître

3 PERCUSSION + 3 PIANO + 3 HARP: Boulez’ Sur Incises.

9 PERCUSSION + 3 VOICE + FLUTE: Reich’s Drumming + Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ.

18 MUSICIANS: Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians (can be combined with Reich’s Double Sextet with the addition of 4 players, or with Boulez’ Sur Incises with the addition of 3 players).